Friday, May 23, 2008

Getting here was the easy part

The flight was long was it wasn't so bad. I meet some nice people and had a good conversation with the man next to me on the longest leg from Minneapolis to Amsterdam. He was Dutch but has lived in St. Louis for decades now. Interesting perspective on things. 

It was a long wait for my luggage especially since I was not sure that it would be coming in one piece. When you pack so late as I did, things do not always fit as nicely as planned. Still, the luggage got here with me and I went to meet the man holding a sign with my name on it - that was a first. He drove me to my new flat and even helped me upstairs with my luggage. 

He was the first person I was able to speak to in Czech and it was motivating to see how much I still remember - even after not sleeping for so long. I still have some improving to do though. That will come. 

My flat is nice- an entry with the shower room ahead and the bathroom to the right, my bedroom/kitchen to the left. It is a very nice room with plenty of space and a little balcony I can go to. Plenty of natural light through the large windows. 

I found out today that I can actually stay there the entire course and I won't have to move to a different flat next week - thats convenient but we'll see if I enjoy living alone that much. The upside is that I am MUCH closer to the school here - about two minutes on foot. The other students stay in the next suburb over - Still close but not as close.

 Pictures coming soon. 

Before I make a short story long - believe me it could all be much longer - I'll leave it at this. If anyone needs my address or phone number please let me know. Hope everyone is starting their summer well and stays well throughout.


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