Friday, June 13, 2008

Just keep swimming

Second week is done! I am exactly half way through the course having taught half of my required lessons and already completing two out of the four written assignments.

Still, next week is practically my last week of the course. I have all except for one of my remaining lessons to teach then and I must do both of my remaining assignments – I have planned a trip to Auschwitz for next weekend and will be gone from the moment my classes end Friday to late Sunday night. Not much time in there for work since I’d rather not take my computer with me. Last assignment is due that Monday. 

My travel partners are actually some very nice people I have met recently in Prague. I am really excited for this trip (realizing that it might not be the most cheerful one - concentration camp and al). In the first week of July there is a famous film festival - lots of celebrities and such -  in a town called Karlovy Vary and I plan to go to that with my new travel partners as well.

Just received my first assignment back and I am a part of a minority who does not need to resubmit. That is a huge relief going into the weekend. I have a lesson to plan for Monday when I will be teaching a new level of students and I have little to no idea of what to expect from them. Rgh it is really difficult to plan when you know so little about their ability level.

STILL – I have little to complain about at the moment.

I seem to be dealing with the stress of the course much better than many of my peers – that is not to say that I am doing better, I simply stay more relaxed. Maybe still being in college back in the states is helping me adapt to this type of class-all-day-study-most-of-the-night kind of demand.

I still manage to find some time to enjoy myself and make new friends.

Alright- a bit brief, vague, but a good summary of my life over the past while. Do not get me wrong – this course is hard (especially the wooden chairs I spend 10-12 hours a day in for my classes). Only two weeks left though- obviously short and I am trying hard to taste the sweet.

More soon.

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