Sunday, June 21, 2009

Something about Senegal

Ok I know it has been forever, but I promise that it is not on purpose. I am sorry to anyone that has sent me email that has not gotten a response. Internet has been hard to find or out temporarily out when I find it. I have been writing blog post but unable to load them from a flash drive so some day you will look at this and have more than you could ever want to read. I hope someone still looks at this at that point.

Senegal is nice but very hot. Much hotter than Rwanda. As I sit here, I am dripping over a foreign keyboard (please excuse the typos). I drink water out of a little bag, which is the cheapest way to buy it. I even sweat through the entire night, sleeping under a mosquito net in the Peace Corps regional house. Nice people and a nice place. Tomorrow my team and I are moving out of Dakar to head to Mboro where we will live. The Peace Corps is driving us out there and will get the laptops out of customs by Friday, then driving them out as well.

I Will find good Internet soon enough. Stay with me.

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