Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Crazy is moving from a state of mind to a way of life

I finished my CELTA course after crazy week back from Poland. It’s kind of sad to see it finish though. I liked the people in my group a lot – kindred spirits you could say for the most part. I learned as much from many of them as I did from my course instructors. Certainly got some good ideas on how I might be living some years down the road. (don’t worry mom and dad – not in a box, just happily). Slowly they’ve been leaving Prague over the past weekend and week, and now there are only two more left who I will see again today and then fly away tomorrow. The good news is, I can visit a number of them across the world at a later time, and I certainly hope to do so.

Saturday morning I moved into a new flat. Nice guys, I have a big room, but I don’t live alone. Could be worse but I live in the center, perfect location, and I pay almost nothing. I used to live in a great area, but a little ways from the center, and in one month there I paid 2 times what two months will cost me here. Having a roommate is worth it. Plus I have internet here – big plus.

July is going to be incredibly busy, so I decided Sunday that it was then or not for a long time, so I went to Ceske Budejovice where I used to live. You have no idea how incredible it feels to leave for so long and just be so accepted back into this city. I meet with my second host family for lunch and spent the afternoon there. Boy how those kids grow up so fast - Milos is nearly twice as big and Dominika is so much older - she'll be driving in just a couple of years. Seriously though, I can’t even describe this trip. 

Then I went to town to meet an old friend who - glad I went when I did – is going to Denmark for the summer in two days. We meet for dinner and he convinced me to stay in town over night and sleep at his house. Unfortunate that I didn’t bring spar clothes but I am glad I stayed. Then the next morning I was getting texts from other friends who wanted me to stay longer with them but I couldn’t because I had no clothes and already had a return train ticket that would expire the next day – but they’re coming to Prague Friday so we still get to see each other.

Everyday I am getting into contact with more people and I am so happy that they are still glad to see me after all this time.

This week is pretty calm, enjoying a last day with my CELTA friends, meeting a friend of a friend who is coming through town, then meeting my friends from Budejovice before going to the film festival this weekend. Then I get back from that for a day and Caitlin comes from the states to travel for two weeks.

Unfortunate that I couldn’t earn more money this summer, but this would make one heck of a MasterCard commercial.

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