Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Travel and vacation are two seperate things

Sure it’s great to travel - but I cannot wait to get pack to Prague where I can sleep in, wake up, go to a park, and fall asleep again!

I apologize for not writing in so long. I hope that some of you are still reading this. About two weeks ago when I wrote last, I was heading off to a film festival in Karlovy Vary - beautiful town spread like fingers through these valleys in the hills of northwest Czech Republic - google it. That was really great and you wouldn't believe who I bumped into - literally --- Robert Deniro.

He was one of the special guests at the festival and a friend that I was with loves him. We had time one day so we walked through the town toward his hotel joking that he might open his window and we'd catch a glimpse... but he didn't. So as we're walking back - my head was a bit above the world as usual and in my aloof state I walked right into the man as he was shopping for postcards.

Honestly, I don't see what the big deal about him is. He was wearing saggy khaki pants and looked like he had just woken up - he's just as plain as I am. But at the special showing of New York, New York that night he gave a speech and everyone else thought that was pretty special - he didn't even seem like he wanted to be there. "Uh yeah, thanks for having me...blah blah blah... this film is old and so am I [everybody laughs] - Enjoy" (Not an exact quote). Anyhow the film festival was good.

I was home for one day when I had to rush off to the airport to pick up my friend Caitlin from the states who I am currently traveling with. We were only in Prague for the night and then the next day off to Budapest.

After a long hot train ride with more people than I have ever been squished with - we spent only two short but amazing days in Budapest with a guy that she has meet once but stayed in contact with named Gergos. His dad rents a flat downtown which was empty so we got to stay there for free. The first night he gave us a driving tour in a 1972 Trabant (you have to google that). And the visit only got better from there - our visit to that city was far too short.

Next, to Bratislava. Although I have been to Slovakia a lot, I have never made it to Bratislava... This must be why - Maybe it would be better with someone from there, but my visit matched up with other reviews that I have gotten from friends. It's surprisingly small and not over crowded with tourists, but there’s really not much to do. WE arrived at 6 one night and saw just a bit of the city - pretty dead but we figured it was because it was a Sunday night - not much changed Monday. Maybe someday I'll give it a second chance.

Then we came to Vienna! My friend Vera lives here and has a nice little flat and is an incredible host. I have been here a few times before but I just love coming back - too bad it’s a bit expensive - good thing I get to sleep for free here. Tonight we had dinner outside of a vineyard - ate some incredible food and tried some great wine. Tomorrow it’s back to the city to enjoy some more coffeehouses and see a bit more before an overnight train to Krakow, Poland.

I think Caitlin is enjoying herself too - overall a great trip in my opinion. Sorry this was long and I'll get some photos up as soon as I'm back in Prague next week. We still have to go to Krakow and visit the High Tatry Mountains in the North of Slovakia (the part that I know I love).
Again, sorry I haven't written more lately, but this traveling is taking it right out of me and I am in need of a vacation. If you're still reading, I promise I'll give you more to read soon.

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